What Our Clients Say

    With OT and speech, child's hyperactivity has reduced considerably. He has started writing on his own. Plus his speech which was earlier only 2-3 words, has improved to sentences and child has become impressive.

- Manisha Sharma (Mother - Anchal)

    We have got a lot of improvements in Rudraksh.His sitting is improved, follow our instructions, eye contact is improved but head banging is not yet control so need more focus.

- Priyanka Dwivedi (Mother - Rudraksh Dwivedi)

    Consistent efforts and valuable guidance provided by Dr. Darpana is highly appreciable.It has helped in improving the behaviour of my kid and has also made him strong to sustain the school pressure. Rakshan is now much more disciplined boy and he enjoys his work/activities.
Thanks to Dr. Darpana.

- Sonali (Mother - Rakshan)

   My son was diagnosed with 'Autism' so we were looking for a better therapy center. I heard a number of positive reviews before come to the Raise Occupational Therapy Center'. I have been here for a few times and getting better results. The welcoming and positive energy as well as attention towards my child by the therapist is quite impressive.

- Manisha Dash (Mother - Ishit)

    It's been a great experience with the Raise Occupational Therapy. My son who is 9 years old has not able to stand and walk, but now he is able to stand and walk with support. Its really extremely helpful and supportive journey.

- Pinkey Singh (Mother - Pranet Singh)

    The child is more keen to initiate new words and converse; overall more social compared to earlier days could speak and memorise hindi poems too. thank to team for their help.

-Premjet Nath (Father - kushagra nath)

    No doubt, he is improving but not accoording to my expectations. I don't know what other we can do but I know you are the best person for that.

-Tejas Singh (Mother - Neelam Singh)

    After joining here anvita improved alot. We are so thankful to the doctor, she is working very hard for anvita's improvement.

-Anvita (Mother - Shilpa Sharma)

    We can see alot of improvement in my kid'S behaviour. Now she started following our instructions and more social compared to earlier days. I really appreciate Darpana mam for her continious efforts. Thanks alot.

-Vanshika Singh (Father - Rajkumar Singh)

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