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What do you mean by special education?

Special education is also known as special need education. The education of kids or adolescents differs from social, physical, or mental. It differs from average to such an extent. It needs modification of school practices.

Who is eligible for special education?

It may vary from country to education system. Children having disabilities or learning challenges that impact education performance. Those children are eligible for special education.

What city is best for Occupational Therapists?

The best city for Occupational Therapists depends on different criteria. Both individual preferences and societal needs are involved in it. Cities with a large population and many health centers are best for OT. Occupational Therapists in Greater Noida is the best city for Occupational Therapists

How do I know if my child needs special education?

When the child is holding a pencil but is unable to write numbers or letters. They are not able to understand the lesson. Sitting in their sit for a long time but did not understand anything. In this situation, children need special education.

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